About the Dance School

The SSD have over 15 years’ experience in teaching dance to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Our teaching team is made up of Natalie, Lisa and Rachael and the three of us have danced together for almost 30 years. We each have multiple teaching qualifications from the Midland Academy of Stage Dance and have performed in shows at a number of venues including The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton.

We each have our own individual style of dancing and find that between us, we can offer the pupils a wide variety of skills and knowledge. We are highly motivated and enthusiastic and look forward to passing on our experience and passion for dancing to our students.

Meet the Teachers

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Natalie is one of the Principal’s of SSD and is also a full time Matron for the NHS. She has three daughters who all dance here with us and she is extremely proud to perform on the stage with her girls.

Nat has a wide knowledge of each subject and is a qualified teacher through MASD. She is enthusiastic and caring and creates a relaxed learning environment for our students. Natalie encourages our pupils build their confidence through dance and movement.

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Lisa is also a Principal at the Shepherd School of Dance and a fully qualified teacher in a number of disciplines through MASD. She has two young children, Louie and Quinn, and is also a full time Police Officer.

Lisa has a strong understanding of dance styles and techniques and supports our students to allow them to progress at their own speed. She has many years of teaching experience and enjoys watching the dancers progress and achieve their dreams.

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Rachael has been dancing since she was just 3 years old and is a fully qualified dance teacher in a number of subjects. She has a passion for all styles of dancing and assists in teaching at SSD and also in choreographing our show routines alongside Nat and Lis.

Rach is a full time paramedic and doting mom to Darcie and Archie but still finds the time to dance with us every week and help us create our costumes and props for our performances.